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Inventory and Category


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Item Measurements/Details Notes
Front house windows Medium 2'9.5" by1'10.5"
Front house windows Large 4'5" by 3'9"
Front house windows Small 1.4" by 2'5''
Windowed wall ceiling 28'4" X 15'7"  
Mirrors by front door 7'2" by 6'5" two panels total
Mirrors in living room 12'2 by 7'10 4 panels total
Living room windows Small 3'10" by 10'5" panels width 2'5"
Living room windows Large 12'5" by 4'1" 4 panels total


Front house windows Medium

Front house windows Large

Front house windows Small

Back yard window

Living Room windows large

Windowed Wall (ceiling)


Window Wall

Mirrors by Front Door

Mirrors in living room

Glass (Shower door)


Garage door

Item Measurements/Details Notes
Front house garage door Large/Electrical glass windows embedded 3'5.5" by 1'11"
Storage house garage 7'1" X 7' X 2" on a rail 12'
Backhouse garage 7'2" X 8 X 2" on a 15'10" rail

Front house garage door

15'10" by 6'11" w/ 4 glass panels

Backhouse garage

Storage house garage


Item Measurements/Details
Landscape Rocks Small 400
Landscape Rocks Large Black 5


small, approx 400 white/greyclose up of small rocks





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All offers include winner to pick up items, remove and haul away.

Pick up dates between Feb 4-5, Friday and Saturday-we are open to flexible times.

Location is in La Canada.