La Canada Home and Garden Inventory Sale

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Inventory and Category



Item Measurements/Details Notes
Addition French Door M 7'8" X 6'9"  
Addition French Door L 11'9" X 6'7" 4 panels 3'X6'4"



Bedroom/Closet Doors



Item Measurements/Details Notes
Hardwood floor living room 12'6" by 25'3" area with fireplace
Hardwood floor main area 21' by 15'7" main area
Hardwood floor in rooms   walkway and three rooms

Main room

Living Room


Floors in room



Item Measurements/Details Notes
Industrial sink 4'11" X 3' sink 3'1" X 2'11"
Carrier outdoor AC 2'1" X 1'5" 220V
Kitchen Subzero Fridge 5'8" height X 2'11" Icemaker
Cabinet by Fridge 9'8"X2'2"X 3'height 4 drawers/3 cabinets and 6'' backsplash
Outdoor fireplace   bricks
Top cabinets by Fridge 2'2" by 2'8" 3 total cabinets
Cabinet by oven 10'11" by 3' has stainless steel sink, 2'10" by 1'10", 7 drawers and 2 cabinets
Top cabinets by oven 3 cabinets total  
Gaggenan Gas Stove Top 11' X 1'8" 3 sets of each
Kitchenaid superba oven 2'3" X 3'6" 2'1" by 1'11" top oven and 2'1" by 1'9" bottom-SHAWN 661-860-3438/dave 661-860-8781

Living room custom cabinets   Top 4'2" X 6' and panels1'6" by 3'10"
Living room custom cabinets   Bottom 6'3" by 1'8" and 3'1" height-4 drawers and 2 cabinets
Fireplace living room (stone) 5'2" by 4'10" fire area 3' by 2'5"


Industrial Sink



Kitchen fridge subzero

Kitchen Oven Kitchenaid Superba

Gaggenan Gas Stove top


Outdoor fireplace

Indoor fireplace

Living Room Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets

By Fridge

By Oven



Item Measurements/Details
Front yard grass 22' X 46' 4"
Front yard roses 22
Beargrass (landscape) Front yard 35
Bamboo Trees 5 bundles
Front Yard Palm Trees (2) 15' and 8'
Backyard Grass 59' X 33'11"
Backyard roses 46
Backyard Ficus 2
Backyard flower trees Chrysanthumas 10
Palm Trees S-M-L 6, 2, 1
Bamboo Trees Backyard 7
Birds of Paradise Backyard  
Grapefruit Tree Backyard 5' tall 6"root
? Trees 17 total
Apple Tree Backyard 9'
Avacado Tree backyard 5'
4 other fruit trees backyard 5'

Front yard grass


Backyard Grass

Front yard roses

22 total roses in front yard

Backyard roses

Front yard plants

Backyard Ficus


Bamboo (5 bundles in front and 7 in back yard)

Palm Trees (Front yard)


Palm Trees (back yard)

Backyard Chrysathumums


Apple Tree


Other Fruit Trees

Avacado Tree

Backyard trees

Other landscape plants


Roofing material for 2000 square foot home
Roofing material back house


Front house roofClose up of roofing material

Side view of material


Backyard Roof





Item Measurements/Details Notes
Backyard Small Dog House    
Wave Pool 17'8"X9'7"X1'8"deep has metal lining, 1 step (pool measures 14'4" length, 7'10" width, 8' deep
Indoor cabinet 8'8" X 3'4" including sink
Sinks   Liz at (323)702-3933
Attic desks   2 desks custom
Attic antique light   in walkway


Yard Decor

Dog House Large

Wave pool

Indoor Cabinet



Attic Desk, Cabinets, Light/Antique

Shower Door

Vanity and Mirror


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Pick up dates between Feb 4-5, Friday and Saturday-we are open to flexible times.

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